Our Approach to Sustainability

At Tarkett, our approach to sustainability is woven into the fabric of how we do business. To us, it’s not a bolt on, or something to ‘bear in mind.' it sits at the very heart of our day-to-day decision making. We have three main areas of focus:

A commitment to creating a circular economy. Closing the loop on waste, preserving our planet’s natural resources and reducing the impact on climate change.

A commitment to only using good materials. Subjecting ourselves to relentless scientific scrutiny and offering radical transparency about our products.

A commitment to your health and wellbeing. Creating healthy indoor spaces with the highest standards of Indoor Air Quality.

Our dedication to sustainability has seen us trailblaze higher standards across our industry; and collaborate with forward-thinking partners to implement innovative programs and production techniques. We do this because it matters to us and because we know it matters to you, our customers. We know that when you choose a flooring solution, health and sustainability are at the forefront of your mind. It’s why we don’t just offer you beautiful, high-quality flooring, we offer you peace of mind.

Just another way we're Doing Good. Together.

Breathe-Easy™ Flooring – only from Tarkett

Steps to effectively allergy-proof your home are right under your nose – or feet to be exact.

Our ultra-low VOC flooring exceeds all indoor air quality standards for schools and hospitals – so you know it’s safe for your family.

Beautiful and healthy for those you love most.™